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[dropcap1]L[/dropcap1]ast summer, Zimbabwe went through a time of political upheaval as president Robert Mugabe refused to step down from power. It was during this time that EHC’s Summer Advance was conducted in the city of Machipisa, a place where thugs of every kind dwell, from carjackers to armed robbers to terrorists. EHC Zimbabwe’s report said, “Machipisa feels creepy as darkness falls and there is no place more rewarding to bring the message of light than in this cesspool of crime, the nerve center of political corruption and hub of the rot that messes with our country!”


In this city where it seems every murder and political crime is hatched and implemented, EHC held its summer outreach. While EHC workers could not win every soul for Christ that they came across, they did sense that a significant difference was made in the lives of many people toward embracing peace in the community. Workers went home to home in spite of multiple threats. Praise God, 45,000 homes saw a “foot soldier of the Gospel knock on their door, and more than 60,000 did respond to the Gospel!”


Workers also faced political intimidation and smear campaigns by those opposing their presence in the community. As gangs loomed in the evening,the volunteers did not give up the expectation of realizing much fruit from their efforts. Pray for the Christ Groups formed as a result, especially in the Zororo area, that they will grow spiritually, remaining vigilant in their faith despite continued political troubles in the area and gang-imposed curfews. Pray also for the continued unity of the churches that participated in this campaign in order to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission in Zimbabwe!