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Join us for 30 days of prayer for the nations.

Who we are

Every Home for Christ is a Christian Missions organization dedicated to reaching every home on earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have works in 100 countries, partnering with local Every Home for Christ organisations which are managed and staffed by national workers.

What we have done together

Every day our workers visit more than 200,000 homes. We have reached over 1.47 BILLION homes in the last 65 years, and seen over 110 million people respond to the gospel! Just last year alone we reached over 82 million homes! We continue to hear amazing stories and testimonies of this work and have exciting pictures and videos from the field.

How we do it

Every Home for Christ has created a strategy for reaching every home on earth with the gospel. We use local indigenous workers with face-to-face evangelism whenever possible, and when it’s not, substantial gospel literature for both adults and children in the local language and dialect are left at the home. Each response is followed up, and many times results in individuals – and even entire families, giving their hearts to Jesus. Every Home for Christ disciples new believers, and channels them into local churches. If there is no local church, we establish Christ Groups — small fellowships of believers that are then nurtured and discipled in their spiritual walk.

Humanitarian/Development Assistance

is also provided as needs arise in selected developing countries such as Bangladesh, India, Malawi, Zambia and Ethiopia.


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