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Training farmers (men and women) in better ways to grow and diversify their crops

In the village of Mbalangwe, where men and women struggle to earn enough money to provide for their families, Every Home for Christ has extended the Food Security project to include income generation groups. Currently 21 women and 5 men in this village meet together to save and share money earned, taking a loan from the pool of funds and then paying back the money by the end of the month.

Jazel started with 20 kwacha and borrowed 40 kwacha with which he bought a sack of sunflower seeds and was able to to produce 16 bottles of sunflower oil over a period of 2 days.

The profit was 80 kwacha and he was able to buy 2 more bags of sunflower seeds, producing and selling 30 bottles of oil. He has now paid back the original loan and is growing sunflowers so that he has a continuing source of seeds and income.

Multiply this story by the 26 men and women in the group and you can sense their excitement as they discover what a tremendous asset this income generation group is to their lives.

They want to express their gratitude to the Australian government (through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program) and to the Every Home for Christ supporters who have made this possible by giving to the Food Security program.

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