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Without a doubt, many things have changed since Every Home for Christ established the goal to literally reach each and every person with a full presentation of the Gospel. But what hasn’t changed is the crystalline passion in the heart of God for “all the world” to hear the Gospel.

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It is this passion that motivates Every Home for Christ to go to the tops of mountains, the most desolate deserts and the most distant islands to present men and women with an alternative to their hopelessness. Every Home for Christ has made a comitment to leave no one behind – and that means tirelessly labouring to ensure that every person has a chance to hear the Gospel, at least once, effectively and in a way he or she can understand.

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For Every Home for Christ, this means sending a familiar face, or at least someone who speaks the same language, to each person to proclaim the Gospel. Every Home for Christ believes that the most effective evangelism happens when people are able to see Jesus in the eyes and smile of someone from their neighbourhood, from their village or from the neighbouring tribe or state.

As the world has changed, Every Home for Christ has faithfully mobilised the Church to present the Gospel to people – all people, wherever they live – on their doorsteps.

While the times and nations have changed, the command of Christ to “proclaim” has not, nor has the fundamental need of humanity to know about Christ. The efficacy of the Gospel to transform lives has not changed, nor has the effectiveness of a personal witness as the conduit of this Gospel. Evangelising the world, all people, has never been a mere suggestion of Christ to be selectively implemented.

Sensing the global urgency of the hour and in light of Christ’s command to proclaim the Gospel to every creature, Every Home for Christ has set an ambitious goal.

Starting in 2019, Every Home for Christ plans to preach the Gospel to every home on the planet by 2038 – within a twenty year period.

Every Home for Christ plans to see this vision come about in partnership with the Church as one of the biggest evangelism thrusts in human history.

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