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We called him “Brother N.” because using his real name put him at risk. He was a deeply religious, sincere believer— but not in Jesus. He studied his faith tirelessly but had become disillusioned. The more he studied, the more he had questions his leaders couldn’t answer. So when he was invited to visit a Christian church, Brother N. went hoping to find the truth.

Everything about the service was foreign to him, yet Brother N. felt strangely at home among the believers. They welcomed him warmly and invited him in. He was amazed by their joy. He had no idea where it came from, but whatever they had, Brother N. wanted too.

Before that day was over, Brother N. gave his life to Jesus. Almost instantly, he knew what he would do with the rest of his life— he would tell others about Jesus too. It was a decision he was absolutely sure of and one that would cost him everything. His friends and family severed all ties with him. Even his wife became hostile and turned their children against him. But for Brother N., there was no turning back. He had finally found peace knowing his sins were forgiven. Brother N. made it his personal mission to take the Gospel to the far corners of his nation, where no one else had gone. He spent his own money on evangelism tools and his own time heading into the wilderness. He traveled however he could. Sometimes he went on horseback, other times by donkey and cart. Now and then, he went by borrowed bicycle. He became such an avid soul-winner, someone even loaned him a car so he could go even farther.

Within just a few years, Brother N. travelled thousands of miles and touched hundreds of lives with the hope of salvation. One of those was an elderly blind woman who lived alone miles from her nearest neighbour. Her only companions were her hens—brooders who never left their eggs. When Brother N. found her isolated home, he shared the Gospel and told the old woman that God loved her. But she said she wasn’t interested, so Brother N. thanked her for her time and went on his way.

While doing her chores the next day, the old blind woman became confused and wandered from her yard. When she realised she didn’t know where she was, her confusion turned to panic—she was helpless and could be lost out there for days. Then she recalled Brother N.’s words about God’s love for her.

She begged God to help her. Suddenly, she heard a familiar sound coming from behind her. It was unmistakable. It was the clucking of a chicken. Had one of her hens followed her? But brooders never left their eggs. The woman decided to follow the sound. The chicken led her all the way home. The next time Brother N. visited her, the old woman told him how she had been lost but God sent a chicken to lead her home.

She was ready to put her faith in Christ. Brother N. had the joy of leading her to Christ that day. Brother N. Was a passionate evangeliser who went the extra mile to deliver the Gospel to those who had never heard. An avid learner, he loved to help pastors and church leaders grow in their knowledge of God’s Word. He was a well-loved member

of his community who was always looking for ways to make it better—especially for the children. When Brother N. was stricken with cancer earlier this year, his wife agreed to take him back and care for him. His children showed compassion too, and all but one apologised for the way they’d treated him over the years. Our dear brother spent his final days sharing the Gospel with his mily, but he passed away without knowing if any of the seeds he planted took root.

His funeral attracted believers from many nations. They came for two reasons: to honour an extraordinary evangelist and to demonstrate God’s love to his unbelieving family. Brother N. spent his life leading souls to Jesus. We pray that his family will soon accept Jesus too.


He Counted the Cost ,the Gambia , By Kathy Gowler