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In the three months during EHC Ukraine’s Summer Advance, the Lord worked in wonderful ways to reach as many as 500,000 people with the message of salvation. In response to an opportunity presented by national celebrations marking the 450-year jubilee of the first Ukrainian Gospel Translation of the Bible, EHC took the Gospel to Ukrainians, and for many it was very Good News! All 24 regions plus Kiev were covered through the campaign. Excitement and enthusiasm brimmed over for the project. Some were requesting more literature for their friends and families.


A total of 950 local churches participated with a half million gospel booklets distributed. Home-to home evangelism was conducted in 1,500 towns and villages. More than 1,000 people requested Bible correspondence courses, and 50 new Christ Groups were formed! Praise God for His power and the fact that the people of Ukraine are witnessing a new wave of evangelism. EHC workers covet prayer for the nation of Ukraine. Thank you for interceding  on their behalf.