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Join us for 30 days of prayer for the nations.

she left her washing to see what was happening. It was highly unusual. Strangers weren’t welcome in their town, yet he was gathering a crowd and no one was running him out. Mother Jenne made her way to the front. She had to see what was going on.

The man was holding pictures and telling a story. It was a story about good and evil and man’s struggle between the two. He said that God loves us, but we all need a Saviour. He said that Saviour is Jesus. She’d been a devout Muslim for 60 years, but his words were fascinating and compelled her to stay. Did this man know her? She felt like he did—he perfectly described the condition of her heart. The pictures he showed drew her in like a magnet. For the first time in her life, things were making sense. Several in the village gave their lives to Christ that day. Mother Jenne was one of them.

It was an Every Home for Christ worker who’d entered the African Muslim community, and he’d come with one purpose—to share the life-giving hope of the Gospel. What he had that captured so much attention is a ministry tool used among tribal groups and the non-literate—the Heart of Man chart. Widely used in Africa, the Heart of Man chart incorporates cultural symbols to explain man’s sinful nature, the battle between good and evil, and salvation through Jesus Christ.