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EHC’s Summer Advance in Sierra Leone last year took place in an area notorious for its obsession with occultism and witchcraft, including the town of Kabala and surrounding villages. People travel from various parts of the country to Kabala with the sole intention of purchasing evil power that they can use to control their so-called enemies.


Inhabitants here are generally Muslims and animists. They oppose anything Christian, and many are fanatical and hostile. They tend to be, as one report said, “cold and quiet as an ice block” while others are “cool as cucumbers.” In view of this, much prayer and fasting went into the project for wisdom, tact and love to be displayed by EHC volunteers in order to truly reflect God’s love. By the grace of God, several victories and breakthroughs were reported, including those who made witchcraft and occultism not only their profession but their religion.


What resulted was eye-opening to pastors and leaders in the region. Through EHC’s threeday evangelism training workshop, conducted as part of the Summer Advance, several who were trained caught the systematic home-to-home vision and have begun to implement what they were taught. Previously a passion for the lost was almost nonexistent for many of the local believers.


However during the EHC campaign, walls of spiritual ignorance were broken down by the Gospel as believers began to see and hear the reports of dramatic conversions of the unsaved. Other former nonbelievers surrendered their satanic charms for destruction, and still others abandoned their traditional religions for Christianity. “On the whole,” stated a field report, “one would declare the Summer Advance a perfect success!”