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A total of 15 volunteers conducted the “Bless Diphu Project,” which was a great success in 2011 For the first time, home-to-home gospel literature distribution took place here and thousands of families were given the Good News of salvation  Not only were homes reached, but also schools, colleges, hospitals and jails. The outreach began with an entire week of prayer-walking around the area, praying for the tearing down of strongholds along the way.

One young girl reached in a hospital was mentally disturbed. As Hindus, her parents believed they should offer prayers and sacrifices regularly. They visited many temples, offered sacrifices and spent a lot of money, but everything had failed to bring a sound mind to their daughter. The EHC workers visited her and suggested “The Jesus of the Christians” could help her. The workers prayed for God’s mercy on the girl and for His healing in her life. To the family’s utter surprise, the next day she was released from the hospital and taken home to recover with her family. She is a living testimony of God’s faithfulness in the village, all stemming from the EHC Summer Advance program.

It was clear from the success of this outreach that the prayers of God’s people beforehand played a major role in bringing people into the kingdom. We solicit your continued prayers for EHC in India, that the message of Christ would be preached to every home!