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Fifty-six-year-old First Lieutenant Rodolfo was leading a military convoy through Managua, Nicaragua, during last year’s Christmas Outreach. As the convoy stopped at an inspection point, a young EHC worker quickly ran and reached through the window of Rodolfo’s truck, slipping a copy of “The Father’s Love Letter” in the Lieutenant’s shirt pocket. That simple, impulsive action would transform a life that very day.
Arriving at the capital headquarters, the Lieutenant found his superior officer waiting for him. After inquiring if he was okay, the Colonel asked Rodolfo if he could see his glasses. The Lieutenant didn’t realise that one of the lenses in his glasses was missing, as he’d driven the 300-mile journey completely drunk. Rodolfo was immediately and dishonourably dismissed for putting the lives of his battalion at risk, and he was sent to the administration office to process his dismissal.

There, he sat waiting, suffering in shame the ridicule of his peers. In an effort to hide his face, Rodolfo reached into his shirt pocket and found the piece of gospel literature. As he began to read it, the words penetrated his tortured soul. It seemed written especially for him, and in his pathetic condition, he began to sob. His co-workers thought he was crying out
of disgrace, but Rodolfo was really crying for God’s forgiveness as described in the booklet. Kneeling at his bed that night, Rodolfo accepted Christ as his Saviour. The immediate peace and joy he felt caused him to contact the EHC office printed on the back of the little booklet.

Sharing his story, he asked if he could have more of the Gospel booklets to share with his friends and family. That little piece of paper slipped into his pocket by an EHC pioneer missionary on a Christmas Outreach turned the worst day of Rodolfo’s life into his best day. Today, the former Lieutenant is part of God’s army of believers and is involved, with a local church actively sharing the Good News with others.