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The EHC Summer Advance in Nepal led teams back to the jungles to some areas visited four years ago. EHC pioneer missionary Nirmal Thapa reported that he returned to Sriantu, a village in the Ilam district. As they sought a house for lodging, the team members came across a man named Lil Bahadur. He remembered Brother Nirmal from years before! He said, “What a joy to see this man again in my own house!” Nirmal realized Lil had not yet believed in Christ. So Nirmal preached the message of Christ to him and this time, Lil believed! Now Brother Lil has planted a fresh fellowship in his home and his family members are attending. He also has been baptized. Praise the Lord!


Worker Ram Bahadur reported that during the summer project, EHC workers reached a village called Mattaiya, where a large tribe lived. The inhabitants were out in the paddy fields so the pioneer missionaries actually went to the fields and handed out gospel messages to them. It turned out that they were high school girls working in the fields. The girls were excited to learn more about Christ and even filled out response cards right on the spot!


As a result of EHC’s Summer Advance, 44,820 homes were reached with the Good News in three districts with an additional 29,435 gospel messages distributed. The gospel booklets even reached two prisons, where eight inmates have been baptized as a result. Others planned to be baptized as well.


Praise the Lord for all the Nepalese who heard the Gospel and pray for those who will receive the message of salvation in the 2012 Summer Advance.