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Mongolia surpassed the established goal! The project, which had aimed to reach 10,000 homes actually reached 12,000, and 60,000 people received the message of salvation.


EHC Mongolia reports that “over 6,300 people responded to the Gospel, and 60 families gave permission to start having meetings in their homes if we would teach them more about the Lord. The believers in rural churches were greatly encouraged by the openness of the nomads to the Gospel and by the testimonies of conversions and physical healings. The leaders reported a renewed enthusiasm for evangelism and involvement in the church. They were even proposing this same kind of event every summer!”


The results were encouraging: 1,446 new decisions for Christ were recorded among the nomads with 60 Christ Groups formed. The Summer Advance “raised an urgency to reach the nomadic people who are basically unreached.” It also renewed zeal for evangelism among rural churches. Spiritual growth of the rural Christians was evident after participating in the evangelism effort.


One computer student from Batzorig, was visiting his parents during summer break. He shared, “From childhood, I was a devout Buddhist, following all the rules and regulations; burning incense, faithfully praying prostrate. I was a faithful slave of this religion. However, as I grew older I did not find answers with Buddhism and science.I turned into a suspicious scientist and skeptic.


However, EHC workers came to my home and introduced me to Christ. While I was listening, I realized my questions were being answered. I accepted Jesus into my heart. Now I want to be a follower of Christ.” Pray for follow-up efforts and the 2012 Summer Advance taking place in Mongolia.