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The following report comes from the EHC Slovakia office. EHC workers around the world take the Good News from home to home, leaving gospel literature in every home they visit. Every piece of gospel literature provides an opportunity for the recipient to respond—expressing a desire to know more about Jesus or to receive Him as Lord. When a person responds to gospel literature, EHC workers always follow-up, sending Bible correspondence courses and connecting the respondent with a local church so that discipleship can begin.  This report describes another way the Slovakia office followed-up with those who responded to the gospel message.


Recently, we organized a meeting for those who responded to our gospel booklets in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. We had distributed booklets in nearly the whole city, and we observed considerable interest—over 500 people responded!

Because of that, we decided to organize a meeting with the author of our Bible correspondence course. Approximately 25 people came. The National Director of EHC in Slovakia, Ondrej Garaj, led the discussion. He introduced our ministry and its purpose, and then led a discussion based on the Bible course.



Everyone showed great interest in the theme of the course—relationships. They were asking many questions, and we could see that the lessons from the Bible course made them very curious. The group was especially interested in marriage relationships. They were asking about God’s purpose for relationships between men and women. They were also interested in talking about faithfulness in marriage, something that seems rare in our culture. In times of high divorce rates, the people are very curious what God has to say about love and marriage.

What surprised us most about the meeting was the presence of a member of Parliament. He gave a short speech and expressed thankfulness for the work EHC is doing in Slovakia.

The meeting went late into the night, and several people even stayed after the meeting ended to talk with the author in person. We held the meeting in a local church in downtown Bratislava, so the group had a chance to see the church and members of the church who are seeking the truth with the Bible in their hands. We hope everyone who attended finds open community and a growing relationship with the Lord.


via EHC International