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Our 2012 Summer Advances are Underway!


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Please pray for (and help support) the thousands of courageous believers who are joining forces under the banner of EHC’s 2012 Summer Advances to help reach more than four million homes with the Gospel. Pray that thousands will hear the Good News and say, “Jesus is now my Lord and Savior. I have fully accepted Christ into my heart. Now I want to be a follower of Jesus all the days of my life!”



As we move into summer, families across the United States, Europe and many other regions of the world are preparing for long-awaited getaways to mountain lakes and beachside resorts or sightseeing trips to faraway places. Summer is something of a “get away time” for many. The goal seems to be “let’s have fun while the sun is shining.” But, as travelers get out their passports and pack suitcases, thousands of Every Home for Christ workers are checking maps and moving forward into a summer filled with challenging treks to mountaintop villages, distant islands, and jungle villages to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, plant churches, and train Christian leaders to disciple new believers. For Every Home for Christ it’s time again for our Summer Advance—2012!


Encouraged by the successes of last year’s  Summer Advance campaigns, armies of volunteers from local churches are joining forces with our pioneer missionaries and other full-time field staff in combined efforts aimed at reaching more than four million homes with the Gospel in less than 90 days.


A summer campaign last summer to 50,000 homes in Colombia alone drew more than 7,500 people to Christ and led to the formation of 81 new churches. An 81-year-old woman and her husband were among those who accepted Christ after reading an EHC gospel booklet that was hand-delivered to their front door. Imagine finding Christ so late in life. What a blessing!


“Everyone was in tears as this woman said that in all her years, she had not realized God’s great love for her,” said EHC’s Director for Colombia, Jaime Doncel. Brother Jaime then added, “She accepted Jesus into her heart with joy. Then, a week later some of our pioneer missionaries revisited her home just to encourage her and were told that she had died just before they arrived. Praise God, she now has passed into the presence of the Lord for all of eternity.”


What a miracle to know that through EHC’s Summer Advances, this woman was ushered into the arms of Jesus only days after she first heard of Christ as her Savior—after a journey of 81 years on earth without anyone ever sharing the Good News with her!


Believers in Zimbabwe banded together to share the Gospel in Machipisa, one of the most dangerous cities in this deeply troubled African nation.

“Machipisa feels eerie as darkness falls, but there is no place more rewarding to bring the message of light than to this cesspool of crime, the nerve center of political corruption that destroys our country,” said EHC Director Cleopas Chitapa. Despite threats from violent gang members, thieves, and even terrorists, EHC workers faithfully shared the Gospel with some 45,000 families in Machipisa. Director Cleopas added: “During our Summer Advance in Zimbabwe, our foot soldiers of the Gospel (pioneer missionaries) knocked on tens of thousands of doors, and more than 60,000 lost souls responded to the Gospel of Christ and prayed to receive Christ as Savior!” Brother Cleopas then pleaded, “Pray for the Christ Groups that were formed as a result, that they will grow spiritually and be vigilant in the faith. Pray also for unity of the churches that was exhibited in this Summer Advance, that we might see the fulfillment of the Great Commission throughout all of Zimbabwe!”


Through the Summer Advance in Kenya in 2011, believers took the Gospel to more than 328,000 families. Thousands accepted Christ in this East African nation, leading to the formation of 481 new churches or Christ Groups. “Wherever we go, these paper missionaries continue to speak even long after we are gone,” said EHC Director Nicholas Mulea. “Thanks be to God that in this way we can leave an everlasting impact in every home. With more of these seasonal projects, we are geared toward seeing even greater achievements in the coming years for the kingdom of heaven!”


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In Asia, EHC’s pioneer missionaries traveled through towns and cities and across the arid steppes of remote Mongolia, taking the Good News to more than 12,000 families who most likely were hearing about Jesus for the very first time in their lives. Wherever our pioneer missionaries went, the gospel message touched hearts and transformed lives.




“Over 6,300 people responded to the Gospel and 60 families gave their permission to start having meetings in their homes if we would promise to teach them more about Jesus Christ,” said EHC Mongolia Director Baasandorj Algaa. “Believers in rural churches were greatly encouraged by the openness of the nomads to the Gospel and by the testimonies of conversions and physical healings. Christian leaders reported a renewed enthusiasm for evangelism and involvement in the church.” The summer campaign in Mongolia drew thousands to Christ, including a young college student who was searching for answers and found new hope in Jesus.

“From childhood, I was a devout Buddhist, following all the rules and regulations; burning incense, faithfully praying, lying prostrate,” he said. “I was a faithful slave of the Buddhist religion. However, as I grew up I did not find answers in Buddhism. I turned into a scientist and skeptic. However, one day some EHC workers came to my home and introduced me to Jesus Christ. While I was listening, I realized that my questions were being answered. I accepted Jesus into my heart that first visit. Now I want to be a follower of Christ all of my life!”

Through our 2012 Summer Advances, believers are proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in homes, schools, hospitals, jails, and villages in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, France, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Sierra Leone, and a dozen other nations.

Believers in many places, like India, are putting their lives in danger to share the Good News with the lost. One pioneer missionary said that sharing the Gospel in India was like “putting your hand into the mouth of a tiger because people are so staunch in their false faiths. Anti-Christians are everywhere, but by the grace of God we continue on!”

 By Dick Eastman – EHC International President –