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Join us for 30 days of prayer for the nations.

The primary objective of EHC’s 2011 Summer Advance in Colombia was to reach 50,000 homes door to door, distributing the gospel messages “It Was All for You” and “The Path to Happiness.” Praise the Lord that over 7,500 responses to the Gospel were recorded and 81 new Christ Groups were planted. Several churches responded enthusiastically to the EHC vision of systematically taking the Gospel home to home. Goals were achieved through the open doors that were enhanced by such partnerships. Because of this many lives were touched and people understood the message of the cross for the first time.


One elderly woman of 81 received “It Was All for You” from EHC workers and her husband read the gospel booklet to her. Everyone was in tears as this woman said that in all her years, she had not realized God’s great love for her. She accepted Jesus into her heart with joy. A week later, the pioneer missionaries revisited the home to give her another message. They were told she had passed into the presence of the Lord. What a miracle to know that through the Summer Advance, this woman was ushered into the arms of Jesus!


Pray for God to fill the evangelical church in Colombia with a love for the lost. Despite its violent history of war and persecution, this nation is experiencing open doors as people are turning their lives over to Jesus!