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During the Summer Advance in 2011, the EHC work in Chile expanded its efforts to reach ten cities home to home. The project made amazing inroads in the spiritual realm. The Lord made Himself known and workers praise Him for what was accomplished. The goal was to “connect lives with the Lord Jesus, and to see people rescued from darkness for the glory of God in order to transform our nation!”


One of the biggest hurdles encountered by EHC workers is the people have pagan ideals and they worship idols that have taken over their minds and bodies closing their hearts to the Lord. Despite this, goals established for the EHC outreach were exceeded because the Lord opened the hearts of the people to receive the Good News. National Director Victor Stuardo said, “The Lord surprised us all once more!”


Many lives were transformed through the EHC Summer Advances. One woman named Helena is a divorced mother of three. The breakup of her marriage sent her into a deep depression, so severe she lost custody of her children. Just when she was about to take her own life, an EHC volunteer knocked on her door and spoke to her about Jesus. She told him that in her heart she felt an encounter with God! Within days, she noticed changes. He renewed her strength every day, and now she no longer feels alone. She is currently fighting for the return of her children with the Lord at her side!