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Central Asia: Russia-Novokuznetsk
Last Christmas, EHC teams in the Russia-Novokuznetsk region reached the inmates of two women’s prisons. The special Christmas outreach involved several visits to connect with the women and their families. On the first visit to the prisons, EHC workers met the women and learned about their lives. The workers talked with the women about their children and then helped each woman choose and purchase Christmas gifts for her children.

The EHC workers then personally delivered these gifts—along with children’s Bibles—to the children, sharing the love of Christ with their families and caretakers. After delivering the gifts, the EHC workers helped the children write letters and take photos for their mothers. Then the workers took the letters back to the women in the prisons. During these second visits to the prisons, the team held gatherings to share the Gospel with the women.

“We have done this for two years now in different prisons,” EHC Director, Sergey Kostuskin, says, “and almost all the women accept Jesus at the end. This outreach is so effective because it reaches people on so many levels—the women, their children, the families, and beyond.” Praise God for the opportunity to take the hope of Christ to these women and their families!

South Asia: Nepal

“Christmas is the best time for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in Nepal,” EHC Nepal National Director says, “because now Christmas day is granted as a public holiday by the government! There are two important Hindu festivals celebrated by the Nepalese every year, and they celebrate these festivals wholeheartedly. Now, because Christmas is considered a holiday, the people think Christmas is the ‘festival’ of the Christians, so they are very interested in and open about it. We can go from home to home and offer to explain the meaning of this holiday.”
During EHC Nepal’s Christmas outreach last year, teams reached 74,218 homes with the Gospel—sometimes trekking through mountainous areas to visit distant villages. In addition, workers shared over 8,500 special Christmas gospel booklets in schools, 11,345 booklets on college campuses, and 735 booklets in prisons. Through the Christmas outreach 475 people responded to the Gospel, and nine new Christ Groups were formed. Praise the Lord for this incredible harvest!

from EHC Internation