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Jade Maloney

I have been volunteering each week in the Every Home Global Concern office, and last November myself and another volunteer Larissa, had the opportunity to go to Southern India with Katherine – one of Global Concern’s project managers. We spent a little over a week at the Love Anuppampattu Community Development Centre and the Love Korriakuppum Vocational Training Centre. In these projects we visited the Primary School, Tailoring Programs and participated in Community Health Awareness training.

When visiting the Primary School in Anuppampattu we were able to see the high quality education that all the sponsorship children were receiving. The children put on a colourful concert full of music, singing and dancing and it was so beautiful to see their smiles and the freedom they have to confidently develop a range of important life skills. Larissa did a fantastic job facilitating Child Protection Workshops with students and staff, focussing on the rights and well-being of children.


Child Protection Workshop


At the Community Health Awareness training, where primary health care is taught on a monthly basis, I had the pleasure of teaching on vector borne diseases. The community is actively involved with the health awareness training, where relevant topics are chosen by members of the community to address problems they currently face.


Jade teaching at the health awareness training

We also visited the EHC Tailoring Programs that run in both Anuppampattu and Korriakuppum. The tailoring programs equip women over a 6 month period to develop skills and abilities that can be used to enter the workforce. These courses have been very successful and provided many women with opportunities of employment that were previously not possible.

After graduating, many of the women purchase their own machines through the 50/50 saving scheme. This is where the student saves and pays for 50% of the machine’s purchase price, then Every Home Global Concern contributes the remaining 50%. We were invited into the homes of some women involved with this scheme and they were proud to show us the businesses they have begun and the work they have been able to achieve since having their own machine. Many women told us how their quality

Rosemary graduated 9 years ago, entered the 50/50 scheme and has developed a thriving business today

of life has dramatically increased now that they have a means of income reliant on their own skills and work. It was a true privilege to listen to the inspiring stories of these hard working women who are moving from strength to strength, lifting themselves, their families and others around them out of poverty. They can now afford to send their children to school, eat nutritious food and have increased access to health care.

Every Home Global Concern is giving opportunity in Anuppampattu and Korriakuppum where there otherwise would be none. The unity between hardworking dedicated staff and the motivation of people within these communities has led to a testimony of success. I was highly encouraged by the organisations transparent rapport, and after visiting India it was again confirmed that the communication I receive as a donor is a truthful and trustworthy mirror of Every Home Global Concern’s work. Every Home Global Concern’s aim “to transform entire communities towards self-sufficiency and sustainability” is not just a vision for the future but also a reality of the present, a mandate that is changing the lives of many people living in poverty today.

5 graduates who have saved for over a year to pay for their 50% of their machine. They will now start a small buisness in tailoring Rosemary graduated 9 years ago, entered the 50/50 scheme and has developed a thriving business today.
– Jade Maloney


Two of the sponsored children from the village who benefit from the “high quality education.”