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Join us for 30 days of prayer for the nations.

Poland, a nation of 38.4 million people, is one that has roots going back 1,000 years and whose proud heritage is exemplified in the architecture, food, history and culture
that make up this central European nation.
Poland has had its share of violence and upheaval throughout its history, going from stretches of independence to periods
of domination by other countries. One of the worst atrocities to face the Poles was the extermination of several million people
during World War II, half of whom were Jews.
A new era began for Poland when it became a member of the European Union in 2004, five years after joining NATO and 15 years after the end of Communist rule in 1989. In Poland, the Roman Catholic Church remains a potent force among its people while poverty remains a huge problem, especially in the rural areas.
Every Home for Christ had a work in Poland in the 1980s and 90s, but suspended ministry in 1998. Our new National Director Michael Trzcionkowski is excited to reignite the work, saying, “After a long silence, sharing again the vision of this ministry in the churches of Poland is a great privilege!” The official reopening of Every Home for Christ was inaugurated with the organisation of a summer camp near the city of Rybnik. Since July 1, 2012, this southern city near the Czech Republic border has been host to EHC’s office in Poland.
Current outreaches include visiting thousands of households with Christian literature thanks to the mobilization of some 40 young people.
Pray that the gospel messages distributed home to home and coinciding with other outdoor events (concerts, shows, etc.) will create a link between the inhabitants and local churches. Thus far, the plan is to reach 150,000 homes with the Gospel by the end of June 2013, including 110,000 in the city of Katowice and 40,000 in Rybnik. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for EHC’s work in Poland!