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In Dondo, Mozambique, EHC teams were excited to see many people receive Jesus as Lord and Savior during a home-to-home outreach, including a young woman named Paula and, a few streets over, a young man named Zefanias.

The new believers in Dondo needed a place to fellowship and be discipled, so EHC workers planted a Christ Group in Dondo where trained leaders would facilitate prayer, worship, and study of God’s Word. Paula and Zefanias began attending the Christ Group, and that’s where they met each other.

“A year after we each came to Christ,” Paula says, “our pastor organized a prayer meeting for the young people in our Christ Group. Zefanias and I sat near each other during the meeting and prayed for each other, and a bond was formed between us that day.” Zefanias and Paula’s friendship deepened, and whenever the Dondo Christ Group went out into their region for home-to-home evangelism they would choose to be a team to witness together. “Our friendship grew and grew until it blossomed into love!” Paula says.

Surrounded by their friends and family and fellow Christ Group members, Paula and Zefanias were married. “There were shouts and whistles of celebration as the couple exchanged vows,” EHC Mozambique National Director Anacleto Ferrao said. “The Christ Group showered the couple with many presents, including live chickens!”

Praise the Lord for this beautiful couple—that they found Christ and then found each other. We pray many blessings on their marriage and their ministry together for Christ.

From EHC International