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a Biblical perspective on life culture and current events this is 2020 on

Vision there’s one Mission organization that has as its goal to reach every home

every village and every nation with the good news now that sounds ambitious but

they’re not new to what they do and they’ve been strategic in pushing ahead

to meet their goal it’s the organization called every home for Christ it’s a big

goal reaching every home on Earth with the gospel but as we speak every day

every home for Christ workers visit 200,000 homes and over the past 65

years they’ve reached almost 1.5 billion people the former executive

director of every home for Christ Eric leech has just retired after to 47 years

at the helm his successor is well known to Vision listeners Greg Bond Greg

bondar has assumed the role of executive director in Australia and you’ll know

Greg he remains National spokesperson for Christian Voice Australia too but we’re talking to him today in his new

role of executive director for this fabulous organization every home for Christ Greg Bond a special welcome back

to 2020 oh Good Morning Neil delighted to be here as usual and good to uh good to

see you as well on on Skype Neil i’ have to tell you I’ve I’ve had my cataracts done both my eyes have been done and I

have to tell you n you look much better I have to tell you if only listeners could see me you know that they’d be

able to make a judgment on your call there but you know complimentary to you too looking good today hey thank you

Greg um let’s before we get into new initiatives and plans for the year ahead

uh let me come back to the retiring executive director Eric leech and

whenever we hear of someone who has had a career tenure in a role like this over

47 years um there are obviously going to be some wonderful things we can say uh

Eric is now uh retired we had hoped to have him on today and you mentioned to me he’s not well but uh give us a little

insight in here to the work that Eric has done over all those years yeah thank you Neil um Eric L of

course you know was the original I think single employee back some 47 years ago

here in Australia and uh he actually originated Neil from an organization

called Youth for Christ which of course was based in Brisbane and so he ran that

for a number of years and then he ran into a chap called Dick Eastman and uh

dick said look why don’t you start off every home for Christ in uh Australia

and of course Eric jumped at it and he’s been doing that ever since and and it seems to me NE that I I I’ve now come

across a number of people in my life that have been uh a founders of of an organization and Eric was the founder of

every home here in Australia but you remember Fred Nile I’ve run into Fred many times and Fred and I have been

close friends uh with Christian Democratic party and then Tom treser as as well known from Mega so I’m I’m

really drawn to these people that have Founders in uh in Christian history so to speak now you know succession plans

and uh for some listeners they might be familiar with conversations I’ve had about succession planning over the years

and in church we are absolutely Dreadful at succession planning uh you know what

happens you push yourself to the brink or you die on the job and uh then

someone else is left to pick up the pieces and bring someone else into the

role of uh leading an organization so there’s something good that’s happened

here because uh you’ve moved up uh into this position now so succession planning one of those things we’re not all that

good at in church life have you got any thoughts there yeah I do actually Neil um thanks

to our chairman Alex Thomas who’s a a wonderful man is a is a a uniting church

Minister and he and I had a chat but we had a three-month trans transition period Neil where I was able to sort of

follow Eric around watch the work he was doing and get a real feel for the ins

and outs of uh every home for Christ it’s a real good transition but you make a good point Neil that uh and I love all

Ministers of church but it’s hard work Ministries you know but sometimes ministers don’t make good business

people they make great ministers or preachers but sometimes it’s difficult to be a a a um a business person in a in

a Ministry in a commercial sort of type organization let’s talk about every home

for Christ and a global family I think you refer to uh because this is not just

a little organization uh it’s been going for 65 years give us some idea here of

the size I mentioned a few things there in the introduction there but uh what have you been uh looking into so far as

the size of the family of every home for Christ yeah NE interesting you mention

that because I did a bit of history and uh look it it originated back in 1946

now in a in a little Garage in Canada and a chap called Jack mallister was the

person responsible for that vision and the first every home campaign actually

took off in Japan in 1953 uh since then every home has been

strategically uh looking ways to plant the gospel message in hundreds of millions of homes all over the world uh

through originally door to door face to face but that sort of um method of

getting the gospel out has changed a lot now Neil because you try knocking on a door and tell them you’re a Christian

and see what kind of respond you get well this is uh this is an interesting uh Dimension to get into because yes

knocking on the door isn’t something that we’re very accustomed to here in Australia so when I mention big numbers

about what happens overseas overseas knocking on the door calling on people

in their community that is still a very relevant and Powerful way of outreaching

into communities so give us a little contrast here because here in Australia um people just don’t go knocking on the

doors pretty hard to get anyone out into their Community to actually meet the neighbors but this is not the case

around the world yeah that’s quite true Neil in point of fact we’re knocking on the door

actually works and I’m and I sort of stretch um stretch the um uh bow here a

bit but if you go to countries like India Pakistan you go to countries that are Sudan Ethiopia wherever it’s easier

to you know to to cont to make contact with a village or or a community and in

literally then you’re knocking on every door but in terms of an urban location what we tend to do now is Neil you know

there are all sorts of techniques that every home does you’ve got leaflet drops you’ve got a handing out pamphlet at

Railway stations you’ve got deputations at churches you’ve got deputations at

various organizations that you go to but knocking on the doorne has I think an

old system of spreading the gospel and I still get people knocking on my door I’ve got to tell you NE from a

particular domination which I won’t mention but the point I’m going to make is that uh it it’s not the way to go

these days I think people feel their privacy is more important but every home for Christ has a number of now to make

sure we can get the gospel out to to to those most needed interesting isn’t it because there are some Fringe

organizations and uh some will say they’ve pushed the boundaries a little too far and that’s not Orthodox

Christianity anymore uh but you’ve got those groups that are familiar to

listeners when they do knock on the door and uh sometimes there’s a stigma that’s

attached then to to the idea of the Christian in the mainstream or

Evangelical or Pentecostal Church they just don’t knock on doors because the reputation of knocking on the door has

changed and so is there any way the pendulum might swing back the other way do you think that uh that this could be

something that maybe for the future knocking on the door might be the only way to reach out to

people oh Neil I think knocking on the door has a lot going for it but I but I think these days people expect a

different approach they expect uh I think they’re expecting more of a modern approach you know I mean our mission is

very simple it is the Great Commission and you know Matthew 28 uh vers 16 to 30

20 makes it clear that Jesus said to the apostles Go Make Disciples of all

Nations and that’s what we want to do now whether we do it through door too whether we do it through programs like

yours now will no doubt go all over Australia whoever hears it we’re literally doing a virtual knocking on

the door and I think you know the way we’re going to do it now is through far more campaigns and it will include door

too in some occasions but quite frankly Neil we’ve got to change our tactics to get the gospel into the homes of

everyone in Australia now you’ve taken over your role and you’ve hit the ground running with an organization that’s not

starting from scratch uh it’s already got uh those sorts of mechanisms in

place uh to be reaching out let me ask you about an initial an initiative

that’s already going called oos 2038 uh that started back in

2019 uh give us an idea what every home has been working on in that organ in

that initiative yeah thank you NE oos is of course you know means every house in in

in old uh translation but what I want to try and get this initiative is fascinating it’s an international

initiative and what we’ve got to do is by 2038 our goal here at every home for

Christ is to get the gospel heard from what what do we got Now 26 million

people well we’re on our way to getting that but we’ve got another 15 years Neil now the point we want to do is once we

get the gospel into the homes then we redirect them to the church we’re not in

competition with the churches we’re complimentary so we want to get people to know the gospel and then to go to

their local church and where there is a local church we have start up a a a a a

group that will look after them and it’s called the Christ group and then we just sort of uh disciple them until they find

a church but our goal is to get them to church but first of all to get to know the gospel okay so the oos every house

initiative oos 2038 that’s a global initiative uh let me ask you what is

happening here in Australia because as I understand it you’ve got a new initiative that is going to be launching

um let us in on what’s happening with this new initiative Neil I’m happy to announce on

your program because you’re you’re you’re known internationally quite frankly people have heard of you that

I’ve spoken to around the world but Neil we’re going to launch a thing called rearching

Australia and what we want to try and do is to bring to light the fact that you know um our churches quite frankly are

in Decline I was reading an article just the other day that the that the Church of England there with the you know the

Archbishop was speaking and and some of the uh uh commentators were saying that

that you know anglicanism is on the decline in in the UK it’s on the decline

various parts of the world what we want to do is rechurch Australia get people

back into the church and get them to you know make contact but the only way

they’re going to do that is is if they start reading the gospels again now Greg Bond let me ask you uh re churching

Australia the sorts of things you’ve got planned or envisioning for this

initiative yeah thank you Neil look the problem we’ve got is you and I both now that a

postco uh the decline in the church has s sort of uh increased and we believe

that you know CO’s been a big um factor in that regard people have not gone back

to I think the younger ones the younger generation less likely to attend church and the

reason for that is now because we’re living in a more and more secular society that that frowns anybody going

to church that that denigrates you if you do go to church and what we want to

look at is and this is a part of the Great Commission get everybody back to church and including and in particular

the non-christians but let’s get the Christians back first so they can do some more disciple work you know

sometimes we differentiate don’t we between Revival and

Awakening and sometimes we think of Revival as being what happens when the

body of Believers um refires up revitalizes

becomes reenchanted uh with their faith uh The Awakening is really about what God

sometimes does quite miraculously and sweeps through a population of non-believers and brings some level of

supern Al belief and faith and uh and there incredible things happening there so so what I’m hearing from you now in

in know revitalizing the church or rearching of Australia is is something like a Revival of Christian Believers to

be excited about the church is that what I’m hearing from you yeah Neil you’re quite right but

what I want to sort of make the point is that we have to rechurch the churches first then have the Revival follow that

because you got to get people back the church first and then going to WRA them up do the Great Commission work that

they meant to do so yes it’s about Revival but we want to try and make sure that we get the gospel out there into

the homes and then people go to church so rearching Australia is all about getting people to church you mentioned

that the church numbers today are not the same as they were preco um but some might say isn’t that a

little falling short of the Mark if you just aimed for where the church was at preco because somehow rather you want to

have a new vibrant excitement about the gospel about discipleship about

leadership about understanding the purpose of God so somehow or other it’s got to be bigger than what happened pre

Co hasn’t it absolutely Neil absolutely remember our tagline every home

everywhere so they are for every home are a aiming for every everywhere

doesn’t matter where you are Regional Rural and don’t forget now that we’ve got what 20 odd 26 million people so

we’ve got to make sure that we get people first the message out there and then back to church and the new ones as

well so yes it is about 26 million people getting back to church all right 26 million so let’s not leave any

Australian behind um that’s a big goal how does it look to you you might be

reimagining how that might look in your own Community let let’s take a call Michael is in Austinville hello Michael

welcome along hey good good morning to you I’m listening to your program um

it’s uh fascinating it’s uh your guest here having an international uh

initiative to you know rearch the world look I I guess I should say where I’m

coming from really quickly it is specifically about this program and what you’re talking about I’m a 70-year-old

man who was born again as a Christian in the 7s movement uh called the Jesus movement

and one thing we learned and it’s occurred to me as I’m listening to the program with such good will and such a a

good idea to rearch the idea that he mentioned to you that the church is in

Decline uh I I’d say internationally not just in Australia or England one thing

I’d like to just add to your conversation I hope it’s not taken wrongly it certainly is not meant to be

but whilst it’s a great thing you want to get people brought back to God and

bring them to the church where they can grow in the grace and the knowledge of Christ Jesus our lord I say look first

tell them about Jesus first go out and share the words of Jesus and let the

Holy Spirit bring conviction to conversion to Christianity this is very uh confronting

and it can be cause offense but many people find the church today Irrelevant

in their current context of the world as we live in with such uh dark things

happening in it and uh I think look it’s just just to sum that up speak about

Jesus preach the good news which is the gospel preach Jesus Christ he’s the

Savior lift up the Cross of Christ and who he is what he’s done allow the Holy Spirit to bring

people to to God through through Christ and then encourage them to go and become

a local member of their church that’s it Michael wonderful insights there and so

much to pick up on uh one of those uh being the one who is the messenger uh being the one who shares

testimony and witness to the things that have happened to you give us your thoughts here Greg bonda for

Michael yeah thank you Neil I think Michael is is in agreement with me actually don’t forget our mission is to

get the gospel in every home and by that I mean get to know Jesus Christ now I

have to tell you Neil globally we have distributed 3.18 million gospel messages now and the

whole idea of that of that is to get the people to understand the gospel and then

by understanding the gospel and living by the gospels guess what happens they’ll want to go back to church but as

the man as Michael said our aim get the gospel message out and the rest release to the Holy Spirit we’re not about

conversion we’re about getting people we’re about getting people to understand the gospel and leaving it to the Holy

Spirit to do the rest I’ve got Michael still on the line this is a really powerful thing that you’re raising here

because there’s a Divine Dimension to what happens when you are sharing your

faith when you are being a witness for Christ and when you’re telling your testimony and you’re sharing that gospel

message of Salvation this Divine Dimension Michael just while I’ve got you here because uh I I can tell you’ve

got a rich history going back to the 70s and the Jesus movement this was this would have been your story God got a

hold of your heart Yes actually you’re correct in fact in the Book of Revelations 1211 it says very clearly

and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony in my particular youth years of the

Jesus movement California um we were we were inviting

people to church all the time but the first thing we told them was the message of the early church that he is risen

Jesus who is this we’re talking about we’re talking about Jesus the Christ and for me that’s a passion of mine to tell

people about Jesus to share and be a reflector of his love by sharing his grace uh to them that he is their answer

that he can uh be the you know he is God he can be uh the doorway for them to get

back to a place of uh of uh uh joy in their lives and and hope in their lives

I think hope is really big but that’s just how I’m geared T night because uh

you know I I I’m involved in a local church here it’s a marvelous Church fantastic we thank God for that and

there’s many churches around but I see the decline too um I just see the coldness in people’s hearts towards

everything what this gentleman your guest is doing doing is fantastic we need to get the gospel out I like the

the more I read the Bible the more I realize I’m going to change that word to the good news that’s even more relevant

than gospel as an older English word okay to me it is just to get out there

let people know about Jesus in your life like you know Jesus said if you hear something in secret shout it on the on

the mountain tops as it were when Jesus is working in your life through the Holy Spirit go tell go tell go on the

mountain go on the go and tell people where you’re at yes well there’s a certain sense isn’t there uh in which

when we think of Australia and let’s say the Western World we might be including

say the USA or the UK and the some of those Western Nations that we might say

the church is in decline because we might be able to argue that the church in so much of the Eastern world and in

Africa and South America is absolutely uh huge and vital and amazing and

growing and even including China in that but certainly Michael thank you so much

for your call and Greg bondar let me just ask you because you’ve taken over

this role here in Australia but you’re also now getting ready to jump on a plane and go to Fiji where there’s a

gathering of people from every home for Christ in the Asia Pacific region you’re

off there in about 3 weeks give us a little insight into what that might bear

yeah thank you Neil I’m just checking can you hear me okay I can hear you fine thank you Neil um in middle of June

we’re off to uh well I’m off to Fiji nandy I’ll be meeting with my colleagues from Soma Micronesia New Guinea Solomon

Islands New Zealand Guam and a couple of other places to see how we can get the

gospel in the asia-pacific region here we’re talking about every village Neil

how do we get them out there how do we get the gospel into the hand hands of those that most needed or haven’t even

heard of it as yet whether they’re illiterate or not we’ve got ways to get the gospel out there and uh that’s going

to be our big session for three days we’re going to see how best can we get the gospel to the Asia Pacific region uh

and that uh helps us to fulfill the oos initiative of reaching every home by

2038 Neil when we talk about every home we’re talking about every country and

regular listeners to this program great will know that we’ll often talk about the challenges that confront the

persecuted Church in so many nations around the world because when we talk about Nations around the world where the

church is growing the church gets to a certain size and begins to trample on religious perspectives of others and

that gets a push back and so we see a trigger for what we’d call persecution of the church and so uh you’ve got some

initiatives too that are coming so far as how you actually present the

organization that you’re leading because there are nations where Christian Believers are persecuted what’s

happening even with the change of your new logo yeah thank you Neil um as you know

we’re the international uh every home for Christ is based in Colorado Colorado Springs

and uh it uh it was launched on the 1st of May what what they’ve done is we’ve changed or changing the name

transitioning to every home we’ve got the every home for Christ on our website

but we’re going to every home now for the reason for that is because you pick some countries overseas and in

particular the the countries like say Bangladesh or wherever where the word Christ is absolutely frowned upon so to

make sure that uh we can get the gospel into places like Bangladesh for example

uh we’ve changed it to every home to allow people to still connect with us

and to allow them to to understand what we’re trying to do but we’re unfortunately Neil we’re living in a

secular society A persecuted Society doesn’t matter where you are they even in Australia here if you’re mentioned

you’re a Christian you’re likely be labeled all sorts of things so we’ve got to stand firm we’ve got to stand strong

and make sure that we can get the gospel out there but yeah we’ve gone to the new logo now which is coming out very

shortly here in Australia and it’s called every home uh so we’re looking forward to getting that message out as

well okay it’s still every home for Christ but the new logo is going to say every

home because if you have every home for Christ in your logo then somehow or

other when you’re reaching out into Nations where there is persecution uh you can be knocked back very quickly

from even having a presence so in some sense you’ve got to make a sacrifice of having Christ in the name so that you

can have a presence in a nation is that the way it’s this the feedback you’ve been getting from your overseas

counterparts yeah absolutely right NE that is the feedback we’re getting but not only that NE even here in Australia

I put out press releases you know uh when I used to for every home for Christ or Christian Voice Australia I remember

Neil you know soon as the media you see the word Christian guess what your press release gets deleted or or or or or or

you know um thrown into the waste paper basket and it’s unfortunate but that’s

the way we’re going and so we’re trying to get the message out there without denying Christ but making sure that the

go has heard so the the the you know the logo every home is most suitable Neil

okay let’s talk about some more perhaps creative things that you might do in

rearching Australia uh clearly there’s probably been some Roundtable discussions and some goals and things

like that have been set at your end there Greg so you know you mentioned different ways of outreaching earlier

it’s a matter of of actually getting momentum on all of this uh so what are your thoughts here about some of the

things that you might be thinking creatively about uh in

rearching yeah um thank you for asking Neil because actual fact you know evangelism is hard work Neil it’s hard

work in the sense that you’ve got to make sure that you engage with people without without um causing any great

distress a lot of people are sort of you know open to Christianity but it’s the way you approach it one of the things

we’re doing Neil is and I here’s another scoop for you I guess because we going to be launching very shortly a a program

called um School of prayer now dick Gman started this many years ago but we’re

going to relaunch it here in Australia the School of prayer is basically getting people together who go to church

and we go to the local churches and say to them we want to run a School of prayer program for you and basically

what we’re going to do is what dick e said the one hour that changed the world

in other words if we all prayed for one hour for one day imagine the impact we

would have not only in Australia but globally now and just to focus on Dick

Eastman for a few moments I remember uh going a long way back I think Dick’s no longer with us I think he’s in the

presence of the Lord he’s still alive he’s still alive okay all right um so I remember having a copy of his book uh

you know that’s spending one hour and uh you know I remember the diagram and uh just the inspiration that comes from

someone who starts to put some things into a place where you can understand a young Christian can understand oh this

is a way to get some sort of pattern or routine of your of your life in in in uh

into play so yes dick Eastman he’s quite a well-known individual yeah he he actually was the

um the president of uh every home for Christ International based in Colorado Springs that’s now been taken at by a

new uh chap a younger chap uh young as youil I think his name’s Tanner Peak

he’s a wonderful Chap and he’s our International president and I hopefully I’ll be a there in September to visit

the head office but the point I want to make is that dick Usman really started off a program that we’re re rejuvenating

Neil here in Australia School of prayer you go to school to learn to pray and

how do you learn to pray for one hour for one day no the impact will be tremendous and that program will be

going to every Church in Australia the next 3 to 4 months you know if we’re talking rearching Australia Greg

something has to happen in some Churches um there’s got to be real

renewal um and there are some Christian organizations they just have a a pattern

uh they have you know every three years they go through a renewal process some people are probably doing it even more

often than that if you’re going through renewal you have to be able to identify what’s got to change for rearching to

happen uh any thoughts here about the sort of process you might uh Implement in your own local church so that you’re

open to possibilities for rearching your community yeah Neil I don’t know what’s

happening in your neck of the woods but down here uh I’ve been watching churches very closely and now we’ve got a a very

um a direct uh campaign I guess by a lot of the uh denominations for example a

lot of churches are now merging now they’re not big enough to sustain their own uh existent for the demographics or

whatever I know in the church that I go to our to suburbs emerging trying to

bring them together because the demographics are no longer sustainable so what we’ve got to try and do is get

the youth in on board secondly we need to make sure we get people back to church and thirdly we got to make sure

that the messages heard out there and and whether it’s a letter box drop or a door knock so with those three things NE

we’re hoping that we can rechurch the churches and that’s important and hopefully from that they’ll come to the

realization that the holy spirit is at work now let me ask you because here we are in the 21st century Greg and some

things initiative which are fa to face which there’s no alternative better way

to do that than face to face but here we are in a digital age uh where social media is the way people communicate uh

is there a initiative within every home for Christ uh to just move into uh you

know these you know modern uh Communications methods you know is the team that you’re taking over have they

got a a social media platform that they’re looking to engage

with well Neil we certainly have we’re on we’re on Facebook uh we’re on on on

Twitter and and and Instagram and not only that I’ve just employed a young chap 20 at University because they know

all how social media Works they’re part of the youth and I’ve also invit I hired

another young lady used to work for Fred N Neil and she’s a wonderful researcher

and we’re going to be researching how best do we contact every Church in

Australia get the message out there get the School of prayer information out there get them on social media to

understand what we’re doing so there’s a lot happening now but in particular social media is a big part of the

campaign and you know what uh you’ve got to uh confront haven’t you uh the fact

that there is uh something of a de churching so when you’re talking

rearching you’ve got to be able to recognize the alternative haven’t you that that people are dechurched what

does that mean does that mean that they are better off outside of church or or would they be better off inside of

church this message of the Gospel is very powerful and uh this message of the Gospel is about life and death uh

sometimes we water things down to be a fix you type of a gospel um I know I can

ask you about all these sorts of Dimensions I know you love to talk about these sorts of things but sometimes we

think about the gospel and the gospel that we bringing um is a fix you around the edges rather than uh bring you to

life you know this New Birth that we’ll often talk about as Christian Believers uh this is a powerful way of being able

to represent the gospel and uh bring people back to life and bring people back into

church y totally right now look I have to tell you I get invited all over Australia and by the way if anybody’s

listening I’m available to come anywhere anytime uh but Neil I was doing a deputation for a local church not long

ago and I was doing 1 Peter 3:15 be prepared to an answer for the faith that

you have now and guess what in one of the churches some time ago a lady came up to me and said Gee it’s good to hear

the gospel preached again well I said to myself well what are you hearing every other Sunday if you’re not hearing the

gospel every every Sunday so Neil we’ve got to get back to basics we’ve got to get back to preaching the word of God

and unfortunately Neil you know we’ve got to be Bible believing Christians and not the woke type Christians that you

hear of uh around the um around the so that’s a big issue in getting people back to church get away from woke or the

church you go broke in fact you wrote a book and uh edited a book with a whole

lot of um people who made contributions about getting away from wokeism and what

that means and getting back to those Essentials of the gospel and understanding life the way that Jesus

presents life uh truth you know the way the truth and the life uh thinking like

Jesus behaving like Jesus speaking like Jesus let me ask you about leadership

because if you’re going to rechurch a nation somehow or other something’s got

to happen with leadership and my suspicion is there needs to be a whole lot more leaders not less and uh you

know when we’re talking about numbers you need a lot a lot of leaders because lots of leaders mean growth of the

church growth in maturity what are your thoughts around leadership yeah Neil that is an

excellent question because leadership is critical to getting the gospel out there now I have to say that um leadership not

everybody’s a leader to be a leader you got to have followers and I think what we’ve got to make sure that everyone who

who who is a Christian and the you know you can be a leader to your own family

to your own children to your wife to to the local community you don’t have to be a leader like Billy Gran for example you

can be a leader within your own Spectrum so Neil what we’ve got to be doing is making sure that we are leaders that we

do lead and we lead with the gospel in our mind and and this is what I kept saying to people at church you know are

you prepared to give an answer and if you are then I think you’re going to make a great leader because you’ve got

to answer people’s questions why do you have hope and and and I think that’s so

critical that we we become but churches yeah we need more leadership uh on a lot

of issues unfortunately I don’t hear a lot of it but that could be for a number of reasons but we do need a lot of

leadership on on issues of concern to all Christians and non-christians you

know when we talk rearching Australia uh I’d find it hard to uh understand how

rearching can happen without a Vision Christian Ministry radio in communities

and that’s of course that’s you know it’s a part of our vision as You’ known just for so long now too is to have

Christian radio available to people so that people can be uh encouraged uh

brought through to Salvation and discipled in their local church and when

we talk about churches this is what you’re doing rearching Australia this is not some special new alternative or some

special new denomination you’re talking about you’re talking about actually the local churches that our listeners are a

part of right now you’re talking about how you actually help Revitalize what they’re

doing that is totally correct Neil we are not in competition with the churches our goal is to get the gospel into the

homes and from the homes get them to church because it’s critical that the churches work with us and we want to

work with them but it’s very important to understand that our purpose is to get

people into the church now we’ve got to do that we’ve got to do that so that they grow in Fellowship they grow in

spiritual grow gr and also they get to understand uh the a Biblical worldview in a in in a in a Biblical context so

Neil we want to get people back to church so we’re looking for churches to contact us to say how can they help us

and how can we help them so absolutely right Neil so leadership’s important and that just leads me on to think well how

do you train leaders and so Bible colleges the sorts of things that you

know often times you’ve got some level of formal training before you’ve got leaders rank Ed up if you’re going to

rechurch Australia you’ve got to have a lot of great leaders Bible colleges have been struggling a little too as I note

um any thoughts here around Christian training uh training for Ministry Bible colleges I mean some people go to just a

short course you can study online uh you can go off and study for all sorts of levels of degrees in Bible colleges but

they’re absolutely essential uh somehow rather just waiting around for someone else to do that maybe there’s a lot of

people called to actually take take on some study themselves to be a part of this any thoughts here about training

leaders and Bible colleges yeah absolutely Neil in particular I’ve done the um I don’t know

if you know mo College here in Sydney uh Mo college is a wonderful Anglican organization and and I’ve done the PTC

course which is uh a 10-part course that allows you to get it deeper into the uh

into the Bible by doing number of I did ethics for example you can do the Old Testament the New Testament now that’s

good way anybody can do it but in terms of Bible colleges I think they also need to uh rechurch themselves in other words

get it out there that people can learn a degree uh whether it’s um part of it

theological part of it also commercial so Bible colleges have a big role to play in getting sure uh in making sure

that the the gospel is heard not only in churches but in in in generally in

society and uh I I really encourage Bible colleges to make themselves known

wider and uh get get into the youth as as you know we want to do as well uh let

me ask you then uh time’s running short now about the sort of network that you

are in your new role I mean you’ve taken over this new role you’re the executive director now of every home for Christ

and uh every that’s the website um you want

to network with people you want to be be a blessing to local churches uh support

uh obviously there’s some partnership involved in all of that uh you’d like to connect with people how do people uh

network with you and uh the sorts of people that you’d like to connect with we want to talk to anybody that

wants to help us get the gospel into the home so please go to our website email

us the emails on the on on the website you know

get in contact with us we are a National Organization I look after Australia and New Zealand Neil so we’ve you know we’re

we’re we’ve got a big big patch of a background to work with but people contact us churches ministers contact me

uh very easily as I said through the website and I tell you what NE if everybody that contacts me I’m going to

put a new book out called Dick Eastman and it’s called look for what God is doing and I’ll get a free copy of that

now how’s that for enticement but uh yeah uh please make contact you know

what free books uh good bribery I think that works really well Greg I think uh you know for listeners um and Dick

Eastman uh you might want to get a hold of uh easyto read great content books

and this one look what God is doing I think you said it’s the name of this book look what God is doing and uh when

you get in touch with Greg and you’re interested in rearching Australia what

that looks like in your Community it might be something to really tie in with and to become part of that network uh

and Greg will send you a free book look what God is doing by dick Eastman so how

do you contact Greg Bond go to the website every auu

of that book look what God is doing by dick Eastman

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