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In the pulsating, kaleidoscopic soul of Brazil, an awe-inspiring journey is taking shape. Every Home for Christ (EHC) Brazil is leading a charge to revolutionise lives, sow seeds of hope and spark a spiritual awakening that spans from the lively metropolises to the farthest reaches of the countryside.

With 28 impassioned coordinators and over 140 eager cultivators, EHC is steadfastly ensuring that the Gospel permeates every household, touches every heart and transforms every corner of society, weaving together a tapestry of faith, one narrative at a time. And amidst this exhilarating endeavour, Every Home for Christ (EHC) Australia stands tall as a proud patron, supporting the remarkable endeavours of EHC Brazil with fervour and commitment.

A Wave of Transformation

Imagine a community brimming with life, where every corner sings with joy and faith. That’s the reality for the Ephraim Ministry, led by the dynamic Pastor Samuel. Partnering with EHC since 2021, Ephraim Ministry has seen an explosion of spiritual fervour. Just last year, over 100 people were baptized, and 2024 started with a glorious bang as 38 more souls committed their lives to Christ, all thanks to the study of “The Good News According to John.”

This material, provided by EHC, has become a cornerstone of the church’s evangelism efforts. The commitment of  Ephraim Ministry to prayer, evangelism and discipleship is a shining example of
how EHC’s resources are empowering local churches to fulfill their divine mission. Pastor Samuel’s congregation, founded a mere three years ago, is now a beacon of light, drawing people from all walks of life into the embrace of God’s grace.

Simple Messages, Profound Impact

Keiliane from Agape Baptist Church in Ceará, knows firsthand the transformative power of EHC’s materials. For years, she struggled to introduce the Gospel to her family, finding traditional methods daunting. Enter “The Good News According to John” – a game-changer. This straightforward, accessible study transformed her approach to evangelism.

Keiliane began using the study in door-to-door ministry, initially wary of ready-made materials. But her scepticism melted away as she witnessed its profound impact. One unforgettable encounter involved a respected community leader who, after several heartfelt visits, surrendered her life to Christ with tears of joy. This transformation showcases the magic of building genuine, lasting relationships through persistent, compassionate evangelism – a hallmark of EHC’s methodology.

Hope in Unexpected Places

EHC’s influence stretches far and wide, even reaching the rural landscapes of Ceará. In the town of Ocara, the Ephraim Ministry’s dedication shines brightly. Here, the same zeal for Jesus and commitment to evangelism is evident, with the local church serving as a lifeline for the community. The unwavering faith and resilience of these brothers and sisters, despite numerous challenges, is truly inspiring. Meanwhile, in Caucaia, the Ebenezer Campo Grande Church, led by the local Pastor and his wife, exemplifies the transformative power of EHC’s support.

What began 15 years ago as a small gathering under a tree has blossomed into a thriving congregation. EHC’s training and materials have empowered them to reach their community effectively. The church’s youth program, which blends dynamic activities with the study of John, has seen several young people embrace Jesus and prepare for baptism. The Pastor and his wife, moved to tears, expressed their immense gratitude for EHC’s unwavering support. Their journey from feeling abandoned to experiencing revitalised ministry highlights the profound impact of EHC’s commitment to walking alongside local churches.

Faith in Action

Every Home for Christ Brazil is more than an organisation; it’s a vibrant, faithfuelled movement. Through the tireless efforts of its coordinators and seeders and with the support of partner churches, EHC is nurturing spiritual growth and community transformation across Brazil. The stories of lives changed, churches revived and communities reached are a testament to
the Gospel’s power and the importance of relational ministry.

As EHC Brazil continues to expand its reach, the light of hope and faith spreads ever wider, illuminating hearts and homes with the transformative message of Jesus Christ. In a world often fraught with challenges and uncertainties, EHC stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment to the Great Commission, bringing the Word of God to every doorstep and every soul across Brazil.
So, buckle up and get ready to be inspired, because Every Home for Christ Brazil is on a divine mission – and it’s changing lives one story at a time.


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