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Around the world, Jesus Christ is truly at work and continues to bless this ministry in so many ways as we pursue the mission of reaching every home in every nation with the Gospel. One of the regions seeing significant transformation through EHC is Latin America. EHC projects are producing great results in nations like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Honduras, Chile, Uruguay, and Nicaragua.

Every Home for Christ believes that every Latin American, whether in upper class neighborhoods or the poorest slums, deserves to hear the salvation message of hope in Christ. As EHC workers partner with local churches to mobilize believers to share the Good News in these nations, they use a variety of tools and methods, including gospel films, prison and hospital outreaches, street evangelism, and even color-coded soccer balls. Of course, the primary tools they use to help spread the Gospel are gospel booklets and Bible-study materials.

Mexico, for example, is seeing great advances in the work of evangelism. EHC leaders are committed to mobilizing the local church, encouraging Christians to become immersed in the depths of society, to go into places others would not dare to go. It is in these areas where, according to EHC leaders, “people are just waiting for someone to bring them the living Word of the Gospel.”

In Argentina, EHC works with local churches through coordinated efforts with pastor councils. In each province and city an evangelism committee is appointed whose members coordinate with the Buenos Aires EHC office. EHC then holds joint evaluation and planning meetings; this agenda includes meetings where they discuss strategy, hold prayer meetings, and train leaders in how to do follow-up activities. As a result of these outreaches with the local church in Argentina, 162 churches have been planted and 517,800 people have come to know Christ.

EHC is working in Colombia to help families living in areas riddled by armed conflict by taking the written Word into the area, door to door. These are areas where entire families have lost their lives, thousands have been displaced, and scores of young people are engaged in crime and drug-related violence. But in recent months, 74 EHC outreaches were conducted and 850,000 households were reached with the Gospel. In 2012 alone, a total of 45,213 responses were recorded and 850 Christ Groups were formed. Thousands of people living in the most dangerous areas of Colombia are being rescued by the power of the Gospel!

EHC’s Regional Director for Latin America José Seisdedos says, “In order for the second coming to happen, the Gospel of the kingdom has to first be preached in the entire world. No missions agency, organization, or ministry can do it on its own. Every believer must occupy his place as a witness for Christ. This conviction is what moves EHC to collaborate with local churches in mobilizing their members. And every day, thousands of homes are receiving a clear presentation of the Gospel in Latin America. Every day we see how people from all cultures and backgrounds are experiencing the miracle of conversion to Christ!”

This conviction—that every believer must be engaged in the Great Commission to see it fulfilled—is also what moves me to invite you to join EHC in the work of reaching every home in Latin America with the Gospel! Join us in prayer. Pray for the region of Latin America. Pray against all obstacles to the Gospel. Pray for open doors, hearts, minds, and heavens in these nations. Pray for God to protect EHC workers who go into difficult areas of poverty and crime. And pray for the power of the Gospel to transform individuals and communities in Latin America!


– from EHC International

Dick Eastman is the International President of Every Home for Christ. He also serves as President of America’s National Prayer Committee. He has traveled the around the world over 100 times, and he is the author of several books on prayer and evangelism. Dick and his wife, Dee, make their home in Colorado Springs and have two grown daughters.