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As we read through the reports that come from our annual Christmas Advances, we often wish we could share all of them with you—but there are literally hundreds of stories! Today, we would like to share with you three Christmas miracles that happened during last year’s Christmas Advances around the world. We pray these will encourage you as you celebrate Jesus this season.


From the Christmas Advance in Macedonia: “As part of the Christmas Advance, our team visited a nursing home nearby. We shared the Gospel with them and then began singing Christmas carols. As we sang, some of the elderly, though sick and weak, stood up and began to dance with joy and tears in their eyes.”


This is the miraculous story of Juliet, a young woman in Africa whose father died when she was young, leaving Juliet, her mother, and her seven siblings at the hands of the village elders.

Tradition demanded that all of Juliet’s father’s possessions, including his wife and children, be inherited by a family member chosen by the village elders. And so in a tribal funeral ceremony, Juliet was handed off as property to her father’s younger brother. She watched as her mother became the fourth wife of her uncle.

“To make the story short,” Juliet shares, “suffering, oppression, and slavery became our normal way of life. We did not benefit from any of the money my father left, and we were told that the only way to find freedom or fortune was through ancestor worship.” So Juliet and her siblings made long treks to ancestral shrines every three months to present sacrificial gifts and search for good omens. It was a hopeless life for Juliet—a life lived as unwanted property, enslaved to traditional religions that offered no escape.

“But thanks be to God for EHC!” proclaims Juliet today. “Around Christmas, two EHC workers came to our home and shared the Christmas story with me. For the first time I found true freedom in Christ!” Now, Juliet’s whole family attends church together.


Another Christmas miracle happened in India. One morning, a young EHC volunteer asked some fellow volunteers to pray for his family. “My sister went missing two years ago,” he explained. “We have tried everything to find her, but all our efforts have been in vain.” That very day, two EHC workers knocked on the door of a woman who just so happened to be the volunteer’s sister! In one afternoon, the woman found salvation in Christ and was reunited with her family.


via EHC International