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Before beginning the Easter Advance in the region of Basavakalyan Taluka, the EHC team spent time prayer walking to bind the powers of darkness in this difficult area. Very few believers have tried to reach this region with the Gospel due to persecution. But under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, EHC workers determined to reach the entire 190 villages for Christ!
Temperatures were high and the distance to be covered was great. But praise God that every home was reached with the Gospel! Twelve volunteers spent two months canvassing the area, looking for homes and families to visit. EHC worker Albert Sudarshan says, “As our team traveled from village to village, we were amazed to see the people gladly receiving the messages and showing an interest to know more about the Lord. We have received more than 1,000 responses to the Gospel from this distribution alone!”

The work was not without challenges, however. Three pioneer missionaries were beaten for the sake of the Gospel.