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Join us for 30 days of prayer for the nations.

A young girl named Daiselys in a Creative Access nation overcomes her history in search of the “Good Father.” The following was taken from a report from the National Director of that nation.

She was born in a prison cell. Her mother is now serving her second sentence. Her father is ill of alcoholism. She almost died from encephalic meningitis. She knows the rejection of her entire family and community. Each of these realities, for her as a person, cuts to the depth of her being and is a weight that is very difficult to bear. Thus, the history of Daiselys begins.

Daiselys’ maternal grandmother, also an alcoholic, was imprisoned for robbery and lives today in a house without walls. Her mother, when released from prison the first time, continued with such disorderly living and had such an attitude that it triggered the family’s wrath against the girl, because children are often judged for the sins of their parents. When a new sentence of five years for robbery was pronounced for her mother, relatives left Daiselys in the care of her stepfather. In school, Daiselys acted out. She seriously hurt the arm of a boy and cut another in the ankle with a knife, causing multiple wounds.

[quote float=”left”]Daiselys never got to experience her “childhood.”[/quote]

Then one day from the hands of two EHC evangelists, Daiselys received a booklet about Daniel from the Bible. What captured her attention most of all, she remembers, was to read about a celestial father. “Who would this be?” she wondered. She felt a sudden desire to visit the church in search of that “Good Father.” And so she began the process of opening her sad, lonely heart to Him.


For three weeks she continued in the cults as well as alcoholism, drugs, and idolatry; and still her problems remained. A cousin tried to attack her. Her mother wrote letters from jail describing the atrocities she was enduring. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and attempted suicide. Meanwhile, Daiselys felt the Lord’s presence, for He had already taken her into His refuge.

As Daiselys prayed, the Heavenly Shepherd listened, then spoke with an audible voice: “The one who receives one of these little ones, receives me.”

Daiselys left her stepfather’s house and went to live like a daughter in the pastor’s house where the love of God was apparent. There were difficult moments to be sure, but nonetheless, God brought liberation to Daiselys. The pastor said, “Truly the Lord is faithful! If He has given this mission to us, He will help us and give us the victory.” Daiselys soon became a new person in Christ.

Daiselys became an exemplary student in her school with her behavior as well as her academic achievements. Her transformation has been so amazing that her teacher and the director of the school have attended her church. Daiselys and her sisters have become the youngest evangelists in the community. They now have 59 children who have responded to the Gospel and meet for after school study.

Authorities wanted Daiselys to go to a more permanent shelter but she announced that she would not go to any other place because God had already given her a family and a home, and that with the Lord she was happy. “Nobody can separate me from Jesus,” she said, “because when my family left me, only God helped me. He opened His arms to me and has given me all the joy that I have, and I do not want to lose it!”

After listening to Daiselys give her testimony, many believers from the congregation decided to collaborate with the pastor for the support, education and spiritual growth of Daiselys. She has an astounding maturity, and she understands that she has a mission: “I am praying for my mother so that she can be released from prison. Also I pray for all my family so that they might come to know God and walk in His ways. The Lord has given to me a ray of light to share with them the Gospel and remove them from the dark. Praise the Lord for He is truly our Good Father!”

By EHC International