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The following testimony comes from the Every Home for Christ office in Nepal.

My name is Krishna, and I am from Loka village in Nepal. I was raised in a devout Hindu family. My parents gave me the name Krishna after a hero of Hindu epics, the eighth incarnation of the god Vishnu. Growing up, I knew the only way I could reach moksha (the salvation or liberation of our souls from the cycle of reincarnation) was to live well, seek peace, and act in accordance with my spiritual station in this life. I worked and studied diligently to become a respected teacher in my village, and later I became a committed Hindu priest.

As a priest, my daily life was centered around cultivating a pleasing relationship with the gods—which required a lot of work! I bathed idols, made sacrifices, performed worship ceremonies, and kept sacred altars clean. I also spent much time teaching and giving lectures on the traditions of Hinduism. The people of my village gathered often to hear me speak, and I taught them about our sacred traditions and offered guidance for the pursuit of peace, one of the greatest yearnings of Hinduism.

During my time as a priest, I discovered a large stone near my home, which I came to believe was an idol. I began worshiping the stone day and night, trying desperately to please it. I told my family and the other villagers about the stone, and they began worshiping it as well. Soon, strange things began happening that I believed were directly related to the idol stone. Financial loss, physical injuries, and disturbed relationships all seemed to be caused by the stone! My village and I grew to fear the stone greatly, worshiping it with increased devotion but keeping a safe distance from it at all times. We lived in this fear for nearly 15 years.

As the years dragged on, I began to worry I would never be able to achieve true peace of mind or help others do the same because we were so perturbed by our fear of the stone. I sought out old and new Hindu practices for attaining peace, but nothing worked. I felt consumed by fear, and the only thing I knew to do was to worship the stone.

But then one day, a man named Daudh came to my home. Daudh introduced himself and told me he was traveling through my village to knock on every door and tell us about salvation in Jesus Christ. I asked Daudh many questions and told him about the stone that was making our whole village live in fear.

“This stone is no problem for the power of God!” he responded joyfully. “Jesus overcame a stone that tried to hold Him in the grave. Certainly He can overcome this fear and give you and your village peace.” Daudh explained to me about accepting Jesus as my only Lord and Savior and serving Him for the rest of my life. He told me that serving Jesus would be different than serving the idols and Hindu gods because Jesus loved me and even died so that I could have a relationship with Him.

I decided to accept Jesus and give my life to Him, and Daudh prayed for me. He asked Jesus to give me peace and to break the power of the stone in my village. When he finished praying, I felt peace unlike anything I had ever experienced, and I knew something had changed in me. Daudh suggested that we break the stone together, and I wasn’t even afraid when I said, “Yes!” Several of my neighbors gathered around as they saw us approaching the stone. Daudh found a large stick, dislodged the stone from the ground, and then smashed it into eight pieces!

Seeing this remarkable thing and hearing that I had accepted Jesus, many of the other villagers did the same. Over the next few months, Daudh and other workers from EHC visited our village often to teach us more about Christ and the Bible. We became a Christ Group with nearly 50 members and together we built our own Christ Group center for our meetings—and we used the eight pieces of the broken stone as the cornerstones of our building.


via EHC International