‘rebuilding may cost more and last longer than the 2004 Tsunami’

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My beloved EHC Friend,
This note is to let you know that Every Home for Christ/Global Concern is involved in helping this huge Philippines typhoon rebuilding.
As I write, more than one million homes have been destroyed and at least 5,632 people killed, 1,759 still missing and more than 4 million people displaced and by the time this letter gets to you the numbers will have increased!

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Already the Every Home for Christ Philippines’ staff are working with people to build houses.
But they need our help!


Richard Whitcombe

4 million and even more than 4 million people have lost their homes and many have lost their children, a father, a mother, grandparents and best friends. And many do not know if these people are dead or alive – it is agony.

Your gift is meaningful.
As little as we have, it is more than they have.
Your gift will go to those who have been absolutely and totally destroyed except for their life – let us help them to keep alive!
Thank you for caring and loving enough to send a gift.
Help is needed.

Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness.

Eric Leach
Every Home for Christ
Executive Director
Australia & New Zealand